Puppy Training

Due to COVID-19,I have decided to cancel the puppy school temporarily as we will be unable to do any socialisation with our puppies. It will be safer for all of us too.

Instead, I am offering private one 2 one classes which will cover the same lessons as if we were in the puppy school. The benefit is that you and you puppy will learn more and we can tailor the lessons to your puppy's needs, working any particular issue that you feel it is more convenient. We will give your puppy the time he needs to learn, without the pressure of a group lesson.

After each lesson, you will get a step by step guide with everything we have covered so you can continue practising with the training at your own time.

What YOU & your PUPPY could learn


  • How puppies learn.

  • Positive reinforcement techniques.

  • Why motivation is important.

  • Teething, play bite & chewing; how to deal with it & understanding what's going on.

  • Socialising.

  • How to relax your puppy when left alone.

  • Body language.

  • Toilet training.

  • Textures, locations, sounds...

  • Why to be consistent pays off

  • How to deal with some common situations.

  • How to teach your puppy - the mechanics.

  • The power of "Eye Contact".

  • How to handle your puppy ready for vet, groomers, owners, etc.

  • Puppy stages.

  • How to interact in the park

  • How to stop jumping.

  • And more...


  • To be able to relax and settle down.

  • To respond to his name.

  • A basic Sit down to start with.

  • Start socialising with other puppies (only if your puppy is ready, no rush please).

  • A start with the recall.

  • Door manners. Sit & Wait.

  • To be handle.

  • Eye contact to ask you for things.

  • Start with Loose lead walking.

  • Noise sensitivity.

  • Meet & greet.

  • Start working with the "3D"s; Duration, Distraction & Distance.

  • Some tricks.

  • To be introduced to different textures, environments, ...

  • And more...

You can choose among...

1 x 1 hour session


saving you £5.00

3 x 1 hour session


saving you £15.00

6 x 1 hour session


saving you £35.00

How does it work?

With the 6 hour package you will also get a folder with plenty of information that will help you understand things like;

  • Puppy stages,

  • how dogs learn,

  • what is positive reinforcement,

  • working with Duration, Distraction and Distance, 

  • why motivation is important,

  • how to deal with play bite & chewing,

  • different kind of toys and getting the most out of them,

  • a few games to play with your pup that will help you bond with your puppy.

  • dog body language.

  • how to socialise your puppy correctly.

First of all, think what do you and your puppy want to learn?

Fill out the questionnaire below and click the submit button.

I will then, contact you, to have an informal chat about what your needs are and what the best approach we should take. 

If we agree, we will arrange our first visit for the "real training" with your puppy. We will tailor the training to your puppy's needs.

The visits will take place at your home, so I will be wearing a face mask and gloves for safety. Unless you live in a flat and If the weather allows it, it would be ideal if we could train in the garden or a park. It also depends on what we are training, as some issues may have to be trained indoors firstly.

Puppy training Questionaire



07490 988 727


Hours of Operation

Area of Service

Mon - Fri: 9am - 8pm

​​Saturday: 9am - 4pm

Sunday: 10 am - 4pm

I am located in Braintree, Essex.

For anywhere out of a 10 mile radius, there will be a charge of £0.45 per mile. 

Dog walking is ONLY available in  the Braintree area.

As an Assessed and Qualified Member of The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers I am proud to display the UK Dog Behaviour & Training Charter symbol and the Open College Network, London.


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